White leak from the breather hose


I was riding with my friend today and I remarked that when I was stopping the bike, several (5 to 10 ) white oily drops were comming out from the head hose breather (I don't know if I use the corrext english words...you know the big hose that gets out of the cam cover and ends under the flywheel cover on the left side of the bike).

I've never seen the bike doing that before :).

:D We checked the oil and everything was normal and the rads are still full.

What is that? What happened?

Very normal

Thanks EGO,

I was a litle bit afraid....

Can somebody tell me what this white liquid is?


its ok....your WR is just getting, umm...excited. :)


Do you mean that I finally been able to give it a punch :):D

Just quit my old kdx 200 last fall and bought my 426. I have a lot of training to do just to bring this new bike to one third of its limit.

But hey, I'm comming! :D :D

Thanks for the motivation :D

The substance is water and oil mixed together... the oil mist is coming from the cases normally, and sitting in the vent tube... add some water - either condensation or from riding wet ground, and then the two mix and dribble out... the vent tube will suck air as well as blow air... within this continuous cycle of sucking and blowing, the oil and water are mixed and what you have seen is the result...

Basically, it is normal, and nothing to worry about... Just don't try to kick start your bike with the vent tube underwater in a creek crossing... it will suck water into your cases...

Still coming downunder?



So dose the vent tube Suck or Blow? :D:)

Yeah, its normal, I stuck some old filter material from an air condidtioner up there to try and keep dust and water out. I used to just shove a cigarette but up there but I think the sponge like filter material might breath a bit better

My brother in laws bike did the same thing this weekend and we paniced. Ty Davis takes that breather hose and routes it up high under the tank so is comes straight down by the front of the motor, no oil drip. If Im in deep water will water get sucked up the breather at an idle or cause the bike to die?

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