Trail report - Mio and Bull Gap, MI

The trails are in pretty good condition on 4/18 and 4/19. No major water holes or wet spots. There was a little snow in the valleys and on the north sides of Mio but was not a problem at all. Sand is like all MI trails, all sand in spots and the rest of the dirt is mostly sand. There seemed to be a fair amount to good black dirt with excellent grip. Bull Gap was slightly sandier. We rode the Mio loop following the MCCCT motorcycle trail to the ORV trail counterclockwise, and the Bull Gap loop following the ORV trail (route A) clockwise from the M-33 lot. We did not do the Hunt Creek loop connecting to the north of the Mio loop. Neither trail was difficult. Bull gap has the sand hill which is probably 200 feet in elevation and lots of people like to go and goof around there. The Bull gap loop is also much faster than Mio since it is wider but has more rocks in it. In fact there are quite a few rounded river type rocks on the eastern portion. Not difficult but can deflect the front tire in a hurry.

All in all good riding especially for the first ride of the year. Mio loop is 23 miles and Bull Gap "A" was 45. Hunt Creek could add about 37 more to to the Mio. There is also the Meadows loops really close to Bull Gap (on the west side of 33) but we did not ride them, east loop is 17 miles and west loop is 24 miles.


Thinking is doing the Rites of Spring ride this year, have you ridden that trail? Have been a CCC member for awhile but have not done any rides, maybe we should have a TT meeting there. We rode Kalkaska on Friday, good condition and had the place to ourselves. The small tree limbs that have fallen on the trail sure get slippery during the winter. Even the small ones you normally just run over would kick the tire out a bit. First woods ride of the year, sure was fun.

Yep, we did the Rites of Spring last year and wound up riding all 100+ miles due to my buddy not paying attention. I blame him cause he was leading. The smaller loop is around 60 miles. There may also be some shorter options but I can't remember. The trails are good single-track and can be pretty tight but loads of fun. The campground is a good site. There is a lodge with a pool and hot-tub, showers, toilets, meals and game room. Its a good site especially since last year there were over 800 riders.

If you go just post here on the site and maybe we can hook up. I will post next week on the boards to see who is attending.


Where are these trails you're referring to....and about how far of a drive are they from Minneapolis?

Just curious...moving to MN next week...and always looking for trail options. Dont know anything about the area (MN or Michigan for that matter), so I'm definitely a fish out of water.

Also, if they're pretty far away, any trail recommendations closer to Minneapolis would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


These trails are in Michigan in the lower penninsula, on M-33 between Rose City and Mio for Bull gap and the Meadows loops, and about 5 miles northwest of Mio for the Mio/Hunt Creek loops. These are both in Oscoda county with part of the Hunt Creek loop in Montmorency county. Mio is about 25 miles due east of Grayling.

Michigan has over 3000 miles of trails and also the Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail (MCCCT) which is the longest, continuous, permanently marked trail and over 700 miles long. For those of us in the lower portion of the state it takes about 2-3 hours to get to any trail riding but well worth it and makes excellent overnight trips. If you are in to long rides check out the Six Days of Michigan on the CCC website I think it was Wrooster from the 250F forum who had an excellent write up on this and he came from out of state to attend.

I know that from Crookston, MN to Jackson, MI it takes about 14 :) hours or so and then about another 2 to get anywhere to ride. There are probably trails closer in MI but my only frame of reference is from Crookston to Jackson as my step-brother-in-law drives this back home to MI.

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