Trail Report: Mio and Bull Gap, MI

The trails are in pretty good condition on 4/18 and 4/19. No major water holes or wet spots. There was a little snow in the valleys and on the north sides of Mio but was not a problem at all. Sand is like all MI trails, all sand in spots and the rest of the dirt is mostly sand. There seemed to be a fair amount to good black dirt with excellent grip. Bull Gap was slightly sandier. We rode the Mio loop following the MCCCT motorcycle trail to the ORV trail counterclockwise, and the Bull Gap loop following the ORV trail (route A) clockwise from the M-33 lot. We did not do the Hunt Creek loop connecting to the north of the Mio loop. Neither trail was difficult. Bull gap has the sand hill which is probably 200 feet in elevation and lots of people like to go and goof around there. The Bull gap loop is also much faster than Mio since it is wider but has more rocks in it. In fact there are quite a few rounded river type rocks on the eastern portion. Not difficult but can deflect the front tire in a hurry.

All in all good riding especially for the first ride of the year. Mio loop is 23 miles and Bull Gap "A" was 45. Hunt Creek could add about 37 more to to the Mio. There is also the Meadows loops really close to Bull Gap (on the west side of 33) but we did not ride them, east loop is 17 miles and west loop is 24 miles.

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