What will be the differences between 00 426 and 01 426 ?

Hello, does someone already know what the differences will be between this year's and next years YZF 426s ?



From Yamahas release Info

"The 2001 4-stroke motocrosser "YZ426F" recently introduced at the 2000 U.S. Dealer Meeting is a model that maintains the outstanding characteristics of the existing model while with further maturation particularly in the areas of (1) improved response, (2) improved operability of the front brake and (3) weight reduction aimed at achieving even greater overall competitiveness.

Main New Features

-Reduced horsepower loss with adoption of titanium valves, etc.

The three intake and two exhaust valves on this model's 5-valve engine are made of titanium to reduce spring load, thus contributing to outstanding response. Also, revision of the carburetor settings has improved performance characteristics.

-More Mature Lower end

The rear suspension adopts new components used on the 2001 "YZ250," including needle bearings and lightweight aluminum spring guides that improved performance. Also, the adoption of a lightweight aluminum rear arm has helped achieve outstanding traction.

-New large-disc front brake with floating mount

The same type of front brake with a large-diameter disc used on the 2001 "YZ250" has been adopted. Giving this a floating mount on the "YZ426F" has further achieved both awesome stopping power and improved operating feeling.

-Other detail changes for weight reduction

Newly designed lightweight parts including the new cam shaft, exhaust pipe, drive chain and rear arm have been adopted for a significant reduction in overall weight. "

And if you look at the 250F blurb

"Other components adopted from the 2001 "YZ426F" include the new clutch lever, new type front master cylinder, lightweight sealed chain and two-tone seat coloring."

Seat Colour is now black on top with blue sides ...


Thanks a lot. I was already thinking of buying one instead of another CR250 but after reading this I'm now sure of joigning the 4 stroke world.


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