hot choke conversion

hi guys this is my first time on here i was hoping you could help?

i have a yzf426 which i am rebuilding with the 450 exh cam.

i would like to change the red hot start button to a lever like the 450

does any body know of a conversion for it or will the 450 oem carb

fitting the same on the 450 .

could i just take it off a 450 i have not seen the carb on a 450 so i cannot tell.and maybe use the decompressor lever as the hot start lever?

also now i have changed the cam what can i do about the hole for the cable ?



Not sure what to tell you on the hot start issue,when I changed my cam I just left the decomp lever in the head,I guess there is or was a plug made form this purpose though.

DRD makes a kit for the hot start. The OEM '03 and later parts won't work. It looks as if the cable and plunger from an '02 CRF450 would work, however. Honda PN is 16019-MEB-671 for the plunger and fitting, 17950-MEB-670 for the cable.

You can leave the lever in the head if you leave the spring on it. You can also cut off the half round inner extension and the external lever and reinstall it without the spring. You can use an 18mm brass cup plug from an auto parts store, too. If you send a PM to TT user "vibeguy", he still has a few of the bolt in aluminum plugs TT used to sell.

great thanks grey racer thats is real help i will get straight on to that now.i will keep you posted

many thanks


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