2000 plastic on a 1999 400??

Anybody know if a front fender off a 2000 WR400 will fit on my '99 400? Or....if a 426 front fender will fit my '99 400? Acerbis has the yellow fenders but not for my year. I know I can likely get 'em from One Industries who sources from Acerbis....can't understand why that's the case. :)

Rockieman no problem. All YZ/WR fenders from 98 to 03 are the same(front that is) :)

Would the same hold true for the rear with the exception of the tailight mount on the WR's? I currently have all YZ plastic on my WR...to include the rear fender.


Rock, No problemo...... The rear fender from 98 through 2002 models are the same.... :)

SMD, i don't know about that. maybe the plastic fits up just fine to the stock headlights? :), but when you are running a # plate, the 98-99 fender will only fit up cleanly to a 98-99 front # plate.

i have a 98 wr400. had headlight and stock fender when i bought it. then i put a 98 f. # plate on it. then i bought a white 00 f. fender, and there was a big gap tween the fender and # plate. :D so i bought a 00 # plate to accomodate (it's a cooler looking shape than the 98, too.)


racer36 :D

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