06 YZ 450F Clutch install

had to get a new clutch kit for my 06 450, I have never replaced a clutch before, I took off the case already along with the cover on the basket along with the friction plates and the steel plates. I know that I have to soak the new plates in oil but for how long (OEM clutch kit) and is there anything else I need to do. I wasnt really paying attention when i took out the old kit, do I start with the friction plate or the metal plate? I looked at my basket and its in good shape ( no grooves ).


To begin with, you should have a manual:


Soak the plates for 20-30 minutes.

If your OEM plate kit is for an '06, it will have 9 friction and 8 steel, so the only way it will stack up correctly is to start and finish with a friction plate.

You need chapter 4 page 49 to 55. It's all there.

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