XR250 - Gear lever not centering.

Further explanation...

The gear lever isn't staying in the middle position like it is supposed to. To shift you have to lift it to the middle position, then push down.

Is there a detent or spring that is supposed to make this self centering?

I'm off to search parts diagrams. I searched the forum fairly well last night, but didn't see anything relating to this.

Thanks - Doug

Indeed there is a spring, bad news is you have to split the cases to access/replace it. Unless its your stopper arm like in this photo below, the arm next to the gear circled in red. Than all you have to do is take the right side cover off


My guess is on the shift shaft spindle there is a spring that puts forward pressure on the fork type thing that clicks into the shift drum. I may have a photo at home of what im talking about but i can imagine if this spring became dislodged you would have the problem you are describing.

10 in the picture is labeled gearshift reset and 11 is labeled gearshift return.

If I have to split the case I'm not going to be happy!

Edit: the picture might help!gearshift.jpg

I was talking about part number 10

Its so damn flimsy i dont believe they trust that in the gearbox.

Afraid to get to those parts you have to split. you can just see a bit of part 9 in my picture above if you look through the large hole

if you're using 95 or earlier xr 250, theres a bolt (i think with 11 mm head, unusual size), that projects into the crankcase for the spring on the shift shaft to push against. i removed it (dumbass me thought it was the oil drain bolt) and had to split the crank to put it back in. the bottom end was stuffed anyway so i refreshed with a conrod kit while i was at it.

the problem you're describing was exactly the same, you could change gears, but had to 'push' it back before changing gears again.

I purchased a 93 xr250r for cheap because he removed the wrong bolt to change the oil. Removing that bolt made the return spring drop and fall into the wrong position. I was able to fix it without spliting the cases. I removed the clutch side cover. I had small light that is used for model trains and wired it to a longer piece of wire. I was able to feed the light into one of the holes in the case and was able to see the spring. I used a coat hanger and lifted the spring up. I pushed the bolt back into place and painted that bolt red as a reminder to never remove this bolt. From the pictures I believe the spring in question is # 11, at least that's what it looked like. It controls the shifter and moves it back to center when you move it up or down.

Now if your spring broke then you will have to split the case to replace it. If you removed the wrong bolt to change your oil then you might get lucky and try it my way.

holy crap with skills like that you should be a surgeon, well done.

I have the exact same problem with my bike 1993 XR250L. I have gotten away with riding it like this for the last year by rigging up 2 small bungee cords on the shift lever (1 up, 1 down). It's not pretty but it works. I really don't want to split the case to fix this... can you tell me more about the holes that you used to move the spring inside the case. Pics would be great. I haven't pulled the side cover off yet. Which hole did you use the light in? Thanks

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