YZ400 getting stuck in neutral

I sometimes have problems shifting from 2nd to 1st. It gets stuck in N. I have to step on it a few times before it'll down shift. Anyone - comments, similar situations, fixes?

maybe I should just stay in 2nd and roost it.

My 99 is doing that very same thing. I kick it down into 1st and it won't go. I don't know the fix. I sometimes have to slip the clutch a little as I am pushing it down into first. My buddy with a 99 YZ250 had his shift drums and forks polished and it solved that problem but now it is very notchy shifting everywhere else. I rode it and didn't like the result at all. He doesn't either. I would rather deal with this intermittent problem. It doesn't always happen nor has it gotten any worse since I have owned the bike. Any comments??


99 YZ400 Stock!!

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