Good deal for a yz426f????

I have a guy( semi mutual aquaintance) that has ran on tough times and is selling his stuff. He has a pretty good condition 426 that sounds real healthy. No rattling, clanking, ticking, etc nothing that I can tell. It's a 2003. He also has a hjc helmet, smith goggles, tech 8 boots that fit perfectly, and a kick up type aluminum center stand. If I can get all this for $1500 out the door what do you think??? Thanks for the imput

1) They don't make a 2003 yz426f. If it is a 2003 it may be a 450. Yz426f 00-02.

2)Would have to see the condition of the bike. Did he mantain oil changes and filter changes? Did he service the bike at all?

If it all checks out to be all good then go for it. Good deal to me!

B.T.W. - Don't cheap out on someone who is going through a hard time (not saying you are). Sounds like he may need the money, if it's a good bike and gear be a little generous. It may be a killer deal.

It's a 2002. Sorry about that. I'm not trying to cheap the guy that's all I can afford. He has all the maintanance records. He kept really good care of it

thats a fair deal not a steal. there running from 1000-2000 around my area.

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