Anybody ever undent a Titanium header?

My last race has proven to be very costly. I was racing a Texas Cross Country race a while back when I got a little out of shape in the woods and smacked a tree. The result was a bent GYT header made out of titanium. Not a total waste but the dent has an impact on performance I'm sure.

I was wondering if titanium is conducive to getting heated up enough to extract the dent. I've got a mad scientist friend of mine that has all of the rigging to unbend 2 stroke pipes. We've installed rubber plugs into the end of the pipe and pumped in about 80 PSI while heating up the dented area. It worked great on a KTM and Pro Circuit pipe which was made out of steel.

My worry is that the property of Titanium might not handle this type of process. I'm inclined to try it and find out, but any one with experience and the desire to share it would be appreciated.


i've done several your buddy that is str.2stroke pipes shouldn't have a problem, with it, just be careful not to get it to hot.check with he shows you what you need.

Think about it. That ti headpipe probably gets as hot every time you ride it as you'll get it with that torch. Ti is an excellent metal and should not have a problem being bent a little if the ballon method of repair that you mentioned works.

Option 1 - Buy a new header

Option 2 - Fix the old header

Option 3 - Buy a new header after damaging the old one trying to fix it.

Option 4 - Live with it

What have you got to lose? Worst case, you need a new one. Best case, you don't.

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