OK decided to go all out with my new to me 07 WR450F! Ordered a set of hot cams, JD Jetting kit, LEXX MXe slip on, all free mods are done air box, Grey wire, AIS. The only thing left to order is a header looking between a Pro Circuit header or a FMF Powerbomb header, was going to go with a stock YZ header but knowing me i won't be satisfied till i get the most power out of the bike. I ride 80% wide open trails with probably 20% technical gnarly trails. My previous bike was a 01 TTR250 that i put over 20000+ miles on. So what pipe would best suit me?

Ride Sea level to 800feet with temperatures between 20 degrees up to 85 degrees so i know there isn't just one jetting that will suit me here.

You do know your new bike stock is more than 3 times more powerfull that the TTR, right?

If I had been you, I would of left the bike alone, modded it as actual needs presented themselves instead of assuming stock was inadequate. You've made no mention of setting up the suspension for your weight and riding style, that should be the first thing you do to go fast. No need to Hp if the wheels do not stay in contact with the ground.

185lbs, 6' 2" alot of trail riding with no track riding or jumping, bike is plated.

Spent a bit of time riding a friends ktm 525sx and the wr450 just didn't feel like i could hang with it. Suspension feels good for my type of riding.

KTM 525 has no more power that the WR. You swap bikes with your pal. I bet he is faster on the WR. Talk to a suspension expert. Have him massage your shock and forks. Speed comes from being smooth and in control. Throwing HP at a problem is silly.

+1 on the suspension upgrade. It's easy to get caught up in the power mods and over look the most important part of the bike. I did my suspension after all the power upgrades and realized I should have done it first.

What do you recomend and where do i start?

6' 2", 185lbs, bike feels good to me.

Mostly ride fast woods roads and trails along with abit of the rough gnarly stuff occasionally.

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