More punch for my WR?

I'm liking everything about the 450 so far, but I'd like to have more of a punch in the throttle response. Something more comparable to a CRF, but I expect it will be a little more tame because of the WR's heavy ass flywheel. Can any of you guys that have done the YZ exhaust cam conversion, and have ridden the CRF, give me an idea of how the WR compares? :)

I have not ridden the CRF but I have done extensive testing of the WR450 vs the YZ450 cam set up. I have a YZ450 Exhaust Cam and after riding a few hundred miles on it I have put back the WR450 cam back in the bike. I lost bottom end, and gained a lot in the middle to top end. The bike really reved quicker. I was not good (fast) enough to control the wheelspin in the woods ( I even had trouble keeping the front wheel down since it seemed to want to run best in the midrange) and I hated the loss of lugability on the bottom end. The stock WR450 is plenty scary fast in the woods for me. The jetting changes require a YZ needle and larger main to complete the conversion. I still have the YZ450 cam wrapped in an oil soaked zip lock bag. I would recommend it for A woods riders only or any level of sand/ desert type riding. Any of you desert guys (TT members with 200 plus posts only) out west let me know if you want a deal on this cam by PM'ing me. I will ship it to you and if you like it send me the money or send it back. I trust our regular TT members they are the best! :)

I just ordered a 52 rear sprocket to get that a little more on the bottom..Let you know if I can tell a difference, If I everyget to ride again :D:) I'm stuck in training and only home 2 days/1 night a week. The HoneyDO list is real long now...

Thanks for the info Indy, it sounds like the YZ cam is going to do what I want. I actually do a lot of sand riding later in the summer so I probably won't mind loosing some low end for the woods. Ha, I say that now! I'll probably end up with the WR cam back in after the first ride! Oh well, I like to do things the hard way. :)


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