YZ exhaust for WR

Will a YZ 450 Exhaust fit a 07 WR450, if yes what year YZ?

Was looking at the same option for my 07 wr450f. I am told that a 2006-2009 yz450 exhaust will fit the 07 wr450f. I am also told that a 2006-2007 will give better low end torque and the 2008-2009 will give more top-end.

People correct me if i'm wrong.

I'm currently running an 06 YZ muffler.

do it. the YZ exhaust bolts up perfect and is a great modification. but it does get expensive to add a spark arrestor. to keep it simple, you'll want the complete exhaust: header and silencer. any of the YZ exhaust from a 2006-2009 YZ fits.

on my WR I got an 08 Yz header and a leo vince slip on. I got two buddies running complete 08 yz exhaust. it doesn't have the power of my set up, but its a huge improvement over stock and is small and tucked away. add a spark arrestor and its a great trail exhaust.


Did you run the Wr header, did you have to rejet?


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