WR450 Range

Has anyone checked how many miles you can get on a stock WR450 tank of gas trail riding before you go on reserve? My 99 YZ400 got 40mpg. The 450 should be at least 35mpg when the engine is broken in, I hope.



The most I have put on (in a single ride) is 50 miles and I never did hit reserve.

I rode 71 miles on a tank and never hit reserve. This was cow trailing and fire roads.


I only get about 25mpg on mine. I have an IMS 3.1 gallon desert tank and I'm only good for 75 miles. I tested it out a couple weeks ago in Mexico. I ran it completely out and added one gallon and barely made the gas pump which was right at 100 miles. Of course the ride was real sandy on the beach for most of the ride, and I wasn't doing very good at conserving gas. I was on it the entire time. I am running a little rich with a 162 main jet. My pipe and plug are pretty dark. On the highway and not romping on it hard you should get 30-35mpg.

I also did a ride last month that was right at 75 miles and I had just about enough gas to go another mile or so. That ride was real rocky with lose switch back hill climbs. Again I was on it pretty hard, and wasn't trying to conserve fuel.

I've gone on two 75 mile desert loops, moderate to heavy throttle, and each time had less than 1/2 quart left with out switching to reserve....don't rely on switching to reserve and having any gas left.

I am 23 -25 mpg when riding hard in hilly, muddy and sandy terrain. I would bet you can get 30 mpg with more steady cruising and 35 mpg on gravel roads running steady to get to a gas station. I usually get 56 - 60 miles out of my stock tank. :)

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