GYRT or Pro Moto Exhaust insert

I pick up my new Wr450F this weekend. I ask the dealer for the Yamaha exhaust insert and he tried to order one but was told by his distributor that they are "unavailable". So I ordered a Pro Moto one instead. Anyone know what the difference is in the 2 other than the Pro Moto one is a lot better looking....


You sold the Red Bike?? Nice Score with the WR450.

I have the GYRT insert. Either the PMB or Yamaha insert seems to work fine from past posts. I dont know if there really is a "big" difference between the 2. I like them both since it was much easier on are wallets to spend $40 then $300 on a new quieter pipe. The PMB does look pretty....

I read that the performance will be a little better with the PMB. I was just going to stay with an open pipe but feel knocking a few db's off will keep the greenies off my back. I'm ordering the PMB :)

Thanks, JJ yeah sold the the Big Red Machine last weekend in the nick of time. My WR just hit the warehouse from Japan yesterday. I pick it up on Saturday morning. No more red just clear blue from now on. I can't wait to get stuck on a steep hill, in mud, full of boulders and just use my thumb to start the bike!!! :)

I got the GYTR insert to keep the noise down but I ride enduros with sound checks so I need a quiet bike.

I would like to know if there is any performance and sound difference considering that they are both suposed to be less than 96db. At $39 both options are cheap.

Sound is the same on both units. I had my 450 sound tested with both the GYT-R and the PMB. Both registered 92db. Performance seemed a bit better with the PMB and that is probably due to the larger diameter hole and shorter stem. Not to mention it only weighs 4 oz. and looks cooler. I am currently using the PMB so I guess the GYT-R will collect dust on the shelf.

Hey Dave- wanna sell your other insert?

Tigerowner- Where did you get your bike, and how much was it out the door?


Just curious, don't know much about these insert thingies :):

Is there anyone that makes an insert (not a spark arrestor, just the silencer insert) for the stock YZ400/YZ426 muffler that I've got on my WR400F?

I really am not too interested in the whole spark arrestor bit, but am quite interested in quieting down the beast for riding around the neighborhood and local mountains.

Anyone got any information on this? Appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction, thanks :D.


I am not crazy about the design of either insert and the only thing we can say for sure is that it's better than the stock insert. I already had the GYT-R before the PMB came out. If anyone has pulled the spark arrestor out you notice a dome at the very end and the openings of both inserts are very close and maybe too close to this dome. I would rather see the exhaust have a better straighter flow than this. I will probably either shorten the tube(s) or drill holes in the tube(s) and experiment.

Sure! Only has two rides on it and I can even personally deliver it to you this weekend (headed to SLC for the supercross!!) Drop me an email at with your phone number and we'll hook up.


The only solution I'm aware of (I'm sure there are others out there) is the Promoto Billet end cap and silent insert. They've got an inexpensive silent insert for the YZF exhausts but unfortunately, it looks as if you have to have the PMB end cap to use it. Might be worthwhile to drop Lynn at PMB an email and ask him. Good luck! :)

I have the PMB endcap on my WR with at YZ pipe. I bought the PMB quiet insert which was not very quiet. I have not had it tested but I really doubt it would bring the pipe down to 96 db.


Bought my bike at Plaza cycle. Just put my money down and haven't figured out the total or picked it up as of yet. I was just happy to find one. There is one more down there (maybe). I definitely am not getting any special deal.

Yup. I was there today. 7150 out the door, and yup, they have one more and won't budge on price. thanks


7150!!!!!!! MSRP is only $6399 . Tell me you made a mistake typing the number. I am picking up mine this weekend $6250+ 5% sales tax = $6562.50 out the door!!!

If they expect me to pay 300 for setup I may just take my deposit back. They only mentioned MSRP when I put me $200 down.

There is a reason that they still have a wr 450. It is $7150.00 usd out the door. I laughed REAL hard when the salesman told me that. I'm getting mine for 5850 out the door from e-lee ford. It won't be registered, but I really don't care. If I want stickers, I will just register another bike and put them on my wr. I really doubt that will happen because my yz has never really been registered either. Niether is my buddy's, and his is also a 00 yz 426 that he got from e-lee ford.

6399.00 + 422.34 (tax 6.6%) = 6831.33 + 328.66 ( :D) = 7150 otd. = take it up the tail pipe :):D

02 wr426 bought last month---BFN I was the first guy to start it. 5343 + 350 tax 5650 out the door.

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