'98 wr400 gas tank

I didn't have much luck searching. Does anyone know what kinds of flater tanks & seats fit well on a '98 WR400. I figured the YZ400 would bolt right on. My buddy just bought the WR400 & his only complaint is how tall the tank is. Thanks ahead for any help. -Clay

Well I have a buddy with an 01 yzf 426 who wants a bigger tank, I think you have to do the tank and seat as a combo. If for some reason they are interchangable maybe they can work something out. :)


You will need to do the YZ seat tank combo....I got mine for my '99 from IMS for $300.....I never even used the factory seat/tank based on all the negative things said...so I have nothing to compare to.

Good luck! :)

Hey rockieman,

Was it $300 for the tank & seat? Also, Do you know how much fuel it holds? Thanks again

You'll need the YZ seat REGARDLESS of which tank you put on.



a third manufacturer (N-Style??)

Oversize tanks: > 3 gallons




Stock Capacity: < 2 gallons



The SDG seat Clark tank combo is like $300. The Clark tank holds more fuel than the stock tank. It goes down lower so the CG is better and I usally dont have to fill the tank over 1/2. The only thing is you have to move the fuel valve over to the other side if you want to run the tank all the way down. I keept the valve on the stock (high) side and its not been a problem. The WR gets good milage, way better than a 2 strok. I like the riding position of the combo alot better and the SDG seat is nice and gripy.


Yes....$299 for both the seat and tank ...from IMS directly. As far as the capacity....it is 1/10th of a gallon more than the stock tank despite the improved ergonomics. I think it's 3.3 gal vs the stock 3.2.


Would you say that the IMS is as flat on top as the YZ tank? I was comparing the two & the WR tank is a few inches taller

Not sure.....I know the ergo's are very similar....the IMS obviously holds more fuel...not sure where the differences are. :) I know that the IMS tank extends lower than the stock WR....this is obviously where the diffence is made up in capacity.

I have the Clarke tank and One Industries seat. The tank seems just as high to me. The main thing is that the YZ seat is about 3 1/2 - 4" longer.

It moves you considerably closer to the Headset/Handlebars. I bought both and after I got the tank on, set the WR seat on the bike to see the difference. It handles completely different. :)

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