How to Spend $200

Alright, I am about to be the proud owner of an 06 WR450F. I am looking forward to the additional power and reduction of weight compared to my old baby (DR-Z 400S). Don't get me wrong, I loved the DR-Z, it is a very reliable and solid bike. But I just want to get more out of the dirt.

So, I have found a bike that is pretty much bone stock. I have 200 in my budget to put into it right away after bringing her home. This is 200 on top of oil and filter change that will take place anyway. Hand guards? Skid plate? To all of you 450F owners in the know, I could use some of your advice. Where should my 2 bills go?

If you ride woods then you nailed it. Handguards and skidplate should be your first choices. If you can only afford one than I would prioritize the handguards to save the hands.

1. Make sure all of the "Free Mods" have been done. Read the stickies at the top of this forum.

2. Set the sag according to specs. WRs seem to be VERY touchy about correct sag when it comes to the front end washing out.

3. Dunlop 756 front tire. (Or equivalent. You can easily find numerous other recommended tires in this forum.)

4. Handguards.

5. Skid Plate.

My personal favorite for the WR skid plate is the devol. They bolt right up to the orignal mounts for the glide plate.

Free mods! If your only spending $200 get a YZ needle and some jets. That will leave you more for skid plate, hand guards and decent tires. I found raising my bars relieved some stress on my back from standing hunched over.

Change the rock they call a seat to a softer one (your ass will thank you later) and Barkbusters.The free mods do enough get out any have fun.

If your weight is over 185lbs. I would say front and back springs, or a used yz's exhaust pipe.

Handguards for sure, but I would put radiator guards before skid plate.

IMO, protect your investment first, then make it handle, then make it fast.

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