How much for an 03 450?

Just curious to see what the going rate for a very clean and good running yzf 450? I have the opportunity to pick one up just want to check the value? Thanks.

I'm in Southern California, LA area

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give location

Well I guess it depends on the area you're buying in and the condition and extras, but some 03 yz450f's have been selling for around $2500 in my neck of the woods.

$1800 gets you mine :bonk: time for a 2010

In California, $1500-1900. $2K tops.

Just bought my 03 Supermoto for 1600, u just gotta know where to look.

my mate just got $4500 for his awesome 04 model over here. aussie dollars. so expensive over here ur bikes are cheap as chips over there. like 01 02 250 2 strokes still getting $3500 aus dollars

I paid 2300 for one in AUG. with alot extra added(sdg seat, Desert tank,race tec forks, feal rear shock and new tires)and spotless with very little boot rub has quite abit more now and not near as clean

i picked up a VERY clean, low hour 04 for 2000 about 5 months ago. i cannot stress how unused the bike was. it is a buyers market.

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