1998 WR400F shifting issue


The bike has been running fine for months now. It endured long streches of higways at speeds of 60mph, and good dirt roads; but now, I am having problems shifting. Everytime I shift-up I can feel the next gear grind. So, shifting from 1st->2nd, it feels like it shifts into 2nd, and then it grinds a bit on the 3rd.

Tomorrow a friend will help me take it a part to peak into the transmission. I figured, why not ask here first. Oh, and I've searched for such issues and no luck

Some threads suggest bent or worn out forks, but those gents were having different simptoms. I can change into any gear, except the grinding of the next gear part. :bonk:

Yelp :bonk:

Maney reasons 4 this 1 ake sure shift lever isnt hiting ing cover 2nd shift forks are bent 3rd tran gear that moves erom 2nd to 3rd has 4 lock fingers on each side of the gear they get raunded off i just went through that if you deside to split the case midwestactioncycle.com has a web site go to then uper left corner click oem parts type in form make mod year go 2 traney prety cool 4 any shows all it will help ABOUT A 2 OR 3 HOUH JOB LOL

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