anyone knows the diff b/t a japanese/american wrf450

i just bought a brand new 09 wrf450 ... i live in nicaragua, central america... and all our bikes are imported from japan.... so i was wondering if my jetting was different ? or maybe my muffler? b/c i know american bikes are very regulated due to pollution ? anyone ?


Don't think so. I am in the Bahamas and my 07 bike came directly from Japan thru the dealer here. It is the same as the US 07. The european 07's had a few differences - bigger headlight, lisence plate holder for street use. I dont know why mine came with the AIS... I took that off faster than a prom dress.

Other than tire size differences between some continents on the WR250F, the 450F is relatively the same across the board in the latter years.

The European bike almost looks like it has the TTR250 headlight...

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