LarryCO or others running Larry's jetting.

I pulled my votrip out last week and ran with LarryCo's jetting and was able to pull the plug for a quick check. I was wondering from anybody else that is running the same jetting with a uncorked exhaust and airbox lid removed, what does your plug look it.. It is the nice tan color or something else. Mine's not black and oil like previously, but have a dry black coating. Just wondering what everyone elses spark plug is looking like.



I'm running his jetting with a 152 main. My plug had a nice tan color to it.

I have since put the GYRT baffle in and fouled a plug. I yanked that thing back out and I need to do some testing or get info on how to rejet for the insert.

Nice 'n' tan here as well.

I'd bet that if you replaced that older black plug with a new-un, you'd have a tan plug as well.

How 'bout dem Av's! Continuing with what I refer to as "the cycle". Win the cup....lose in the Conf. finals...lose in the 1st round...lose in the Conf. the cup...lose in the Conf. finals...and, once again, lose in the 1st round.

Guess it's a good omen for next season...

Bitter Av's fan

With the way they were shelling Fernandez, I think this is an illustration of the old adage, "Sometimes its better to be lucky than good". Fernandez was in the zone. Any other goalie would have folded like a cheap suit under that barrage.

When this series started I was afraid that the Wild had the Av's number



There's a hockey player named Fernandez? :)

Back on topic, why does anybody care what their plug looks like? The presence of an accelerator pump makes plug reading on a 426 sort of useless IMO.


Yes there is, and he just kicked our arses! :)

And I agree on the whole spark plug deal. Some folks put a lot of stock in that for some reason... :D

Bitter Av's fan out...

I was always taught from working on cars, that looking at a spark plug will give you a good indication on the jetting of the carb. But your right, the accelerator pump will screw up a good plug reading. I have a friend that owns a 525 EXC that has the newer version of the FCR carb, that just pulled his plug for the first time and it was nice and tan, but he also has a acc. pump.. I guess I'll just install a new plug like Larry suggested and run the test track again with your exact carb settings. It's worth experimenting... Then, when I build the new exhaust tip that I'm drawing up, we'll have a good indicator if I've increased backpressure or dropped the sound level without changing the jetting.....

We have a hockey team, :) if that's what you can call them now...



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