Rim Locks - 2!

Are the 2 rear rim locks standard for the new breed of

4 strokes?? (yzf wrf crf drz)

My cr500 and xr600 did'nt have em.

I always use just one lock. It is SO much easier to change a tube on the trail and I have never had a problem with spin.

Hoss :)

I know the new 4 strokers have more hp than a xr600 but I dont know why in the world a cr500 wouldnt have 2!!! :)

If I had to guess I would say it has more to due with balancing the wheel.

If it means anything my YZ came with 1 rim lock and the WR came with 2 rim locks. Is that because of the 18" vs 19" rear tire? Or just the off road vs MX thing?

Im betting it has to do with the Off-Road vs MX thing.

Isnt there any "rim lock" experts on here that would know? LOL :)

Desert Chris is right on regarding wheel balance with two rim locks. If you ride desert or do any high speed riding, you will need to balance both front and rear tires. A single rim lock (front or rear) creates roughly a four oz. out of balance wheel which will cause instability, shimmy, thumping tires and/or wandering at high speeds.

Where we ride some use two if they run real low tire pressure. Others because they want to ride on a flat tire back to the truck.

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