lighting kit for XR650R

Anyone out there have a baja lighting kit that they are trying to get rid of. Need one for a race in Baja. The brighter the better.

I race Baja also-so i can relate to the light problem.

Here are some options if ya cant find a used set:

1) has single 100 watt 8 incher for a little over $200.

2) You can also run a 100 watt H3 bulb in a late model XR/XL Honda glass. Glass fits right into the stock front plastic. Bulb is $7.50 at most autoparts stores. Honda glass is $40 something. I run this as my everyday set up. Other than the 1000 this is enough to get ya to the finish line.

3) Buy two H3 bulbs ($15), two 8 " PIAA lights ($85), BajaDesigns mounting kit ($40?), and get a pipe bender/welder for the light frame ($50)and you have a home made dual light kit for under $200. Worked great for us in the 1000.

4) I havent done it yet, but there are single bulb off-road HID light kits on the web for $400, and a little less.

5) Nitrider helmet mounted HID ($380). I'm gonna run that with the 100 watt H3 in the glass for the 500.

Of course there are several much more expensive options from Baja Designs and others!

Anyone else have some thoughts on lighting? :)

You gonna race the 500?




Yeah I am planning on riding the 500 and the 1000. When are you going to prerun the 500? We should meet up sometime in Ensenada for a beer or something. There is also a group of us running the Dos Mares 300 in the beg of May. Should be a good warm-up for the 500. You should head south if you have the chance. It should be a good race also.

Anyhow, talk to you later. Thanks for the tips on the lighting systems. :)


Wish i was down in Cabo right now!!

Whats the Dos Mares 300? I know there are plenty of races in Mexico outside of SCORE, but i've never been to one. Tell us all about the Mexican national races for BRPs!?

You can wind the stator yourself. Its easy. There's several spots on the web with details on how to do it for our bike. Takes a couple hours, if that. ALSO: you might want to try the XR650 group on yahoo, the SCORE site want adds, and the message board for used lights. There was a pair for sale there about a month ago.

I am totally up for meeting fellow BRP Baja racers. Email me at sometime. I am in Ensenada once a month or so, Cabo after the 1000 and at Xmas!

What class in the 500? :)

Bueno suerte,


The DosMares 300, that's an event I'd really like to do. Baja Sur has a great series of events (similar to score). There's a bunch of races and this 300 looks like a great route - La Paz north to Loreto, west to Pacific, south to Conejo, then back to LP.

Maybe for the locals down there it's just another course, but I'm tired of most of the worn out routes they race on in the north.

Wish I could make it down for that race.


Hey all,

I will place new post with the race info. That way other people might check it out not knowing that lighting really means racing!!! :)

Saw your post about the XR lighting, Sunny was actually asking because I am looking for a set of lights and we ride togeather. Where do you get the Honda Glass for the front numer plate?

Also, Have you ridden with a Tecate light from Baja Designs? Do you know how this or antoher of the HID lights compares to the option you are running of H3 bulb + Helmet lighting system in terms of brightness (obviously the HID lighting system is more expensive)

Thanks for the help


Where do you get the Honda Glass for the front numer plate?

The Honda PN# for the glass replacement lense that uses an inexpensive ($3.00) H3 bulb is "33123-MK2-671". You can buy H3 bulbs at your local auto parts store like Autozone for $3 each. You can find this glass light priced anywhere from $21 to $30 at your Honda dealer or you can pay $42 for it and a bulb from Baja Designs.

To use this headlight, you'll need to change the existing wiring connectors to match the H3 bulb (no big deal), but its a nice inexpensive upgrade over the stock light and well worth time and money. Also, the stock black boot on the back of the headlight will fit over the glass replacement lense with a bit of coaxing, but its a much tighter fit than with the stock light.

To get the most from this kit, you'll need to rewind your stator or have it rewound. Rewinding your stator is easy to do even if you've never done it before. If you don't want to hassle with rewinding it yourself, then check out Ricky Stator who sells complete high output XR650R stators for a very reasonable cost or he'll rewind yours to whatever configuration you want.

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