Bent handlebars...need new ones

I pretty much destroyed my handle bars....i have looking to buy new ones now....Im about 6'1 ...what are some good handle bars you fellers have?...the bars i have now seem a little to low for me

Get the CR HI bend and some Risers that convert your upper triple to 1-1/8" It may seem tall at first but its sweet for standing.

Get bars at TT store and Risers from Big DR or Zeta

wheeling cycle supply can help with the Zeta stuff. Forrest is #1!

+1 on the CR HI Bend. I went with the Easton/ProTaper 1 1/8" bars with Tag Racing adapter blocks. I am 5'7" tall and it does not feel too tall to me.

Are you looking for a 7/8" or 11/8 bar?

I'm a fan of:

Pro Taper 7/8" SE in Windam/RM Mid

It's a taller bar with less sweep to avoid that in you lap feel

If you want to go 11/8", Pro Taper Contour are excellent, also in a Windam/RM Mid bend:


I have the Easton EXP bars in the CR high/Windham bend and love them :smirk: they are 1" 1/4 though and you need to buy the bar clamps and clamp bolts:thumbsup:

i think im gonna go with the cr hi bend......What else do i need with the bars... risers? im a complete newb when it comes to this links would be very appreciated.

i think im gonna go with the cr hi bend......What else do i need with the bars... risers? im a complete newb when it comes to this links would be very appreciated.

Cr Hi is a specific bend of handlebar that can be found in both 7/8" and 11/8" (aka Fatbars). So, the questions is, what diameter bar do you want?

If you choose fatbars, assuming you have a stock top clamp where the lower bar mounts are cast into the top clamp, you'll need a pair of 7/8" to 11/8" bar mounts to access the fatter bar.

what bars do u guys prefer....are fatbars stronger?

Some fatbars are stronger, such as the Rethal Twinwall and Easton EXP (actually bigger than 11/8"). I don't care for the Twinwall b/c they are too rigid and you want some flex in a bar, as it has less impact on the rider.

You will hear stories of just about every bar bending or snapping. They all break if hit hard enough or hit just the right way.

I prefer fatbars because I run a stabilizer and I like the more open cockpit without the crossbar. Some of the fatbars also have nice flex properties without the crossbar, but I've run renthal 7/8" and renthal fatbars and it's not night/day in terms of flex in my experience.

Me? I'd go with fat b/c at 6' 1", you can get some needed height from the risers and the bar combo. But, remember, your total rise is the rise of the bar + the added height of the risers (typically 2/3rd - 3/4" inch). I'm 5' 10" and have a Scott's underbar stabilizer. My bars are very tall, but for off-road work (standing most of the time) I love it.

Everything will feel goofy at first, but in no time you'll be right at home.

I went with fattys and riser setup with my GPR stabilizer. I went with Henry Reed bend and they are a little too low.

I had to add a DTD upper triple to get the risers and GPR as an under mount to fit and wish I had gone with a CR HI. I'm 6'4" tho.

Here's a pic:


You can see its not that much higher than stock. Even at 6'1" I would go higher.

This Zeta clamp will go from 7/8 to 1-18 with just a little rise. Zeta makes taller ones too.


azonic are the best bars money can get havent herd much from them latlet the last set of bars u will ever buy

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