yz426f will not start

I finally bought my first 4 stroke. I have had it about 5 weeks, only about 3 tanks used. Last time i took it out, it started up no problem, when i pushed the choke back in it stopped, i could not start it back up again. I have the air screw 2 turns out, clip in 5 position, ride at sealevel in washington state. It always started on the first kick before, i bought the yzf so i wouldnt have to work on it alot, and reliability. Any help would be very helpfull.

Yo Darre- don't fret, my '26F was hard to start the first 10 hours or so. A friend of mine also has one and he told me that EVERY time the throttle was blipped (engine dead) it would foul the plug the next time he started it. I haven't fouled a plug on mine (yet) but the manual does say this will happen. This is the first thing I would check. Yamaha will sell you some overpriced pug removal tool but I understand you can get to it with a ratchet and a union. Hope this helps, this is a great bike once you get used to it's quirks...



I was at the track this morning and a guy asked me to help him start his one day old 426. He said it started fine cold but wouldn't restart warm. The only way I could get it to fire was with the throttle barely cracked because the idle was set so low. I turned up his idle screw and then it seemed to be fine.

BTW- His kickstarter went down and got stuck on the footpeg everytime I kicked it, that doesn't happen with my 400. Is that normal or maybe his kickstarter was bent or something?


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I received a spark tool with my 426. Never had to use it. Kick starter never sticks.

And my bike was also hard to start when it was new, and I have found that a faster idle setting allows the bike to start much easier than a slow (lower) one.

Originally posted by darre:

I finally bought my first 4 stroke.

Your problem may not really be a problem. The YZF is a tempermental starter. Mine starts fine when cold or hot but if I stall it before it warms up it can be a handful.

If not completely warm I too have found that turning up idle (or barely cracking throttle at end of kick stroke) helps my bike fire up.

Also, in warm weather I forgo the choke altogether and blip the throttle just before kicking to squirt some gas into the cylinder.

So I think maybe after your bike breaks you in a bit more :) your starting woes will subside...

This is a bit off the original topic, but my '26F idle was set way too low when I brought it home. The manual says 1700-1900 RPM, and after I did that mine rarely stalls except when I do something silly to make stall hehe...


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