Hill drags

I am not one to climb many hills. I mostly sit leaned up against my backpack drinking a cold one while the guys battle out on who can get to the top. One of our buddies can high mark anyone. He can make anyone's bike climb higher. What is the technique for higher hill climbs. Is it picking the right line, weight distribution, throttle control or all of the above? How am I to ride up a soft hill drag to full potential of my bike... if I decide to do so?

Hoss :)

i am not really sure what the technique is but i can always out climb all my buddies. You do need to pick a good line, you need to be in the right gear usally when you try down shifting on a hill climb it will screw every thing up unless you time it right. You also need to control your wheel spin, you dont want any. The most important thing is momentum. other then that its just luck i think.

I would have to say a lot of skill and balls! And being able to react quickly and keep your momentum when you run into something you didn't expect, like that big ass rock or root hiding under some leaves that tries to kill you!. That's the problem I always run into. :):D


A couple of years ago I attended a trial training class at the Trial Training center in Tennessee. Tony taught us a great technique for climbing hills (and we did plenty hill climbing at the class).

The trick is to keep your butt 6" off the seat at all times. If your bike gets light in the front end, gently shift your weight toward the front wheel but remember to keep your butt 6" off the seat. Inversely, if you feel the bike start to loose traction gently shift your weight backwards. Your arms will get tired if you are doing this properly, but less tired than dragging your bike off the hill.

The only other factor is keeping the correct amount of power to the rear tire. I have the same bike as you and power has never been an issue.

You must also practice stopping on a hill because sometimes you just can't do it. This takes some balls (start with small hill) but is easy once you believe you can do it.

Hope this helps, the trials class was great, I would recommend it to any off road rider, TTC (trials training center). Sometimes he as adds in Dirt Rider, he also has a web site.

"TRUST YOUR BIKE !!" it has more power than you are going to know what to do with. if the hill isn't perfectly straight up and down you can make it up it. stay calm , pick a good line,and be alert.depending on the hill i either blip the gas now and than or give it a steady twist all the way up.i stand with my knees slightly bent this way you are ready to distribute your weight . once you doubt yourself you're gonna get in trouble. i've gone up some hills and once i got to the top i looked down and said "damn what was i thinking" ride smart if you have a doubt about a hill don't do it.

I like to be standing up on the pegs with my chest just over the bars. I let the bike wiggle and squirm under me to allow it to find its own way up. Do not try to over control the direction. I will give it the general directional adjustments with the front wheel. You want to pick a path that allows the rear wheel to follow the front wheel. Terrain will dictate gearing sand, rocks and rich soil are completely different power range requirements. I usually start most big climbs in third and shift down as needed to reach the top. I like to lug it in third and feather the clutch before shifting down. You have to avoid loosing momentum during the down shift. So a controlled small wheelie or some extra wheelspin will appear when downshifting and trying to keep your momentum. Most people wheelie out because they lack the throttle/ clutch control to maintain momentum to get to the top. :)

momentum, balls, and more momentum.

i can climb a tree with my bike.

my favorite hills are the ones with a short cliff at the top.the ones that almost roll backwards and go verticle before you get to the top.

2nd or 3rd gear ...nice even pace... pretend the hill is flat and that gravity is pulling from another angle.

my $.02


I love to climb hills. My whole group is into the hill thing. I just pick the right line and full throttle.

I agree with most. Usually start out in 2nd depending on how much of a run you have. Speed at the bottom and momentum are the key. Try to control wheel spin, and front wheel travel. When all else fails, jump off...... :)

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