02 YZ426 Black Plastics

I currently have all black plastics that need to be replaced but I can not find a shrouds and side panels. Any help would be appreciated.



My '00 is all black. I think I used Polis Sport or maybe Ascerbis. I did it back in '05 and it was hard to find black aftermarket replacements back then. Good luck.

I know Acerbis used to make black side panels because I'm running them on my 426 now im not sure about the shrouds though

Now that I'm thinking about it, the shrouds were from Ascerbis, the fenders were Polis Sport, the fork guards were Ascerbis or Polis Sport, the side panels were Ascerbis.

Still got that goofy (oversized) IMS blue tank though. Couldn't see myself spending that much just for a black tank, and since it covers the top of the motor so much it's already heatin' up the gas, black would only make it worse.

I rememeber having a hard time when I originally changed it to black. If I can't find the shrouds and side panels in black I might have to have a Zebra bike. My frame is powder coated black so going back to blue won't work.

Thanks for the input.

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