where is the throttle stop screw???

i have a wr426f and im lokking for the throttle stop screw so i can check to see if it is yz length or not. here is a picture of the carb. where is the screw at? thanks:worthy:


also is the grey wire in a six wire connector or a 2 wire one? i could only find one grey wire and it was in a 2 wire conector i think. the other conects seem to have all six wires and no grey ones.

the throttle stop is on the other side of the carb under the black boot on the top where the cables go in

the gray wire on my daughters 07 wr250f was under the L-side panel in a six wire pin plug but i heard on the older wr it is a lite blu wire under the tank i think

i must be doing this thing wrong i can post but i never see anyone reply even tho thier dot is green showing they are on line at this site ive tried refresh nothing works excepy logging off the come back later then there will be new postings am i just stoopid:banghead:

no one replied yet proboly thats it. i cant find a grey wire in a six pin connector but there is one in the two wire connect by the cdi. i think it is it after reading this


i think it says 03 is when it moved to a six pin connect. am i right? thanks. this one by my finger


also is the throttle stop screw the allen head one in my picture?


Throttle stop screw is on the back of the carb, along side of the airboot. It goes up at angle from the ground.

Take a read of this thread. Plenty of pictures.

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