What kind of battery charger

I just killed the battery on my wr 450 and was wonder what kind of battery charger i can charge it with. or what kind i should buy. also what setting should i charge it at.

Mine did the same, either killed by me or the dealer. I read up on these batteries and they are a unique battery. If you buy a new replacement battery they come dry or precharged. Precharged are the easiest to work with. If you get a dry type the electrolyte must be put into the battery very slowly (about 30 minutes) to keep air bubbles out. Then the battery should set for 30 minutes and then you permanently seal it. The kit gives you everything you need to do this. Both then need a charge before using. Car charges should not be used unless set at 2 amps or less and time not to exceed the times shown on the battery case. The best bet is to charge with a battery tender brand or another brand I belive is called the optimizer III.

I left my ignition switch on the first day I brought my bike home. Killed the charge. I bought the 'Battery Tender" brand charger from Bob's Cycle supply on line. Worked like a champ. No probles since. It has a maintenance feature on it, so you can leave it hooked up with no problems and it will only charge when the battery needs it.

Mine is on a Battery Tender right now. When I'm not on it, it's on the Tender.

I use a battery charger that has a 2 amp setting. It would be a good idea to get a charger that has a few different settings for a 12 and 6 volt battery. Use a charger that has a trickle charge capability.

Hope this is helpful.


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