Stupid Question...

I was working on my bike this weekend and noticed that there is no master link on the chain. It is a DID 520 O-Ring. What gives? I must have spun that tire around twenty times looking for the darn thing. Do have to grind the pins out to get the thing off or what? I can't imagine the previous guy took off the swingarm to get it on so....I'm stumped. :D

Feel free to give me crap about this one!

CJPilot :)

there's nothing wrong with your bike. thats how honda equips the bike; with no masterlink. i read about the reason why on, or some xr website under a factory honda racing setup article. their reasoning is that the bike has enough torque to possibly break a clip type masterlink, which they don't want happening in a race.

I believe you either have to buy a special tool or have a dealer install the master link. I carry a spare clip style 520 master link, file and chain break and some chain in my tool box when I got out to desert for the weekend. I figure I could fix a broken chain w/ that stuff and get me through the weekend then fix it right once I am home. Mine is 3 years old w/ no problems.

Sweet! I thought I was losing my noodle there for fifteen minutes or so! So much for taking the chain off for a quick dip in the parts cleaner. Looks like I'm going to have to bust out the cutting torch when it comes time for a new chain! Anybody had any trouble busting masterlinks apart with thier Hondasaurus?

CJPilot :)

It is a fairly simple matter to drop the rear swing arm on the XR650R. You should do this anyway so you can pack the bearings with grease once and awhile. Alternately you can get a chain breaker and bust it off when it wears out. They make a tool that is designed to put a new master-link less chain on. I would never take it to the dealer they will want a arm & at least one leg to do the job. It's tough enough to ride with all your extremities, why give one up :) BTW these chains are sealed o-ring types and you could damage the o-rings in a parts washer. I use kerosine on mine when it needs a deep clean, but I never let it soak.

grimmer i need to clean the chain on my cr250. its an oring so would kerosen be the best bet? how could i like re lube inside the rollers after i clean it? should i even bother?

Take a grinder and buzz the tips off a pair of rivets to one link. Get a chain break tool and master link press:


Salvage a few links from the old chain and carry an extra master link in your fanny pack for piece of mind.

Too many people think you need to lube an O-ring chain, which, in part you do. But only to lube the exterior of it, to avoid rust. Don't use anything that will rot the O-rings. I use kerosene when necessary, just to clean off surface grime. But whatever you do, there is no need to lube the O-ring chain internally, That's why it's a sealed chain. The lube is kept sealed inside the rollers. These chains last a very long time.


Kerosen and a tooth brush (softly) on the chain work wonders. You want to be careful not to damage the O-rings. Kerosen will not damage the O-rings, but do not let it soak, you don't want the kerosen to work its way past the O-rings. You do not need to lube inside the rollers, they are sealed by the O-rings. I use chain wax to keep the dust and dirt off the chain once it is clean.

To make cleaning your chain even easier, buy a grunge brush from your local motorcycle dealer or aftermarket parts shop or even from some bicycle shops. It works very well for me :)

Here's what it looks like...

I'll second Qadsan's Grunge Brush recommendation. I am kind of a clean chain & sprocket freak(!) My Mother must have had to clean really grungie chains when she was pregnant with me! :D The grunge brush really helps clean a chain quickly. Plus, the price that Qadsan plugged us all in with is very good as well. :)

talking about o ring or x ring chains, you guys must really have a "gotta get every part on the bike clean" fetish! Even after a mud ride, my chain comes clean either with gentle hosing or by letting the dirt on the chain dry and runing the bike a bit. I think the chain stays a lot cleaner if there isn't any chain lube applied to it. You may get away with using kerosene, a brush, etc., but why bother? You know for sure if you DON'T soak it in anything or scrub it with anything there will be no damage to it. Usually the deal with the kerosene is that the chain has been goobered up with chain lube. Anyway, don't mean to lecture anyone, just trying to help based on my experience... :)

Honestly, you are right. I have to agree with you there on not using anything but washing off the surface dirt.


After a good day of riding I just hose the chain off with the same garden hose that I use to wash off the bike. It comes very clean, like new. The chain Lube is then applied after the washing and the bike is put away until next ride.

The chain lube I use, and have used on all my bikes is "MFR CHAIN LUBE"(Metal Friction Reducer) :). It is a very very light lubricant(similar weight to WD40) that supposedly "enhances seal life on "O" ring chains, preventing them from drying, cracking, and deteriorating". So far I have had very good luck with this product on all my "O" ring chains. It does not "goop-up" the chain or fling all over your bike like chain wax, or other sticky chain lubes. I stated before the chain cleans up perfectly with just a simple spray from a garden hose. As far as I know an "O" ring chain does not need any lube as long as the "O" rings are in good condition.

Hopefully there is someone else out there that is having the same success with this product as I.

It says right on the can "Worth It's Weight In Gold", and you guys that have purchased a heavy duty "O" ring chain lately know, at that price they should be made of gold.

Ride on! :D

Like JackAttack, I use the MFR chain lube and simply hose off after a ride. I used to use that Blue Bel-Ray crap that sticks to everything but the chain... Took me forever to scrape that junk off my bike. The MFR is good stuff. :)

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