Offset Triple Clamps

Im looking at getting some different offset triple clamps to help with cornering on my 08 YZ450. Im just curious what side effects these will have to the handling of the bike and if they are worth purchasing. I mean, why didnt Yamaha use 22.5mm offset clamps from standard?

Anyone? I would have thought straight line stability would be affected by bringing the offset closer to the steering stem? I want to find out as much as I can from you guys that have tried these shorter offset clamps before I go out and buy anything because they are rather expensive...

Thanks, but still cant find an answer to why the YZ450 didnt come with a smaller offset standard if they make a bike turn so much better.

It's a matter of opinion whether they do or don't. As I said in the link I posted, steering geometry on a motorcycle is a sort of compromise. What you gain on one side of the equation may cost you something on the other. Yamaha feels that they made the best choice for the most people as they produced it. Others come along and find it suits their tastes or needs better with a different offset, and more or less trail.

If you search the keywords I mentioned, or just "clamps and offset", and read for a while, you'll see that people swear by all kinds of different offsets, including the stock 25's.

I've been thinking about t-clamps for my 09 yz450 also. did this to my ktm 380 and it was a huge improvement in the corners. As for straight line stability. Get a scotts damper if you go very far with the offset. I dont think I could ride the 380 without a damper now, because of the head shake. If I get clamps for the 450 a scotts will be in the same order. First I'm going to try a different size rear tire(110-90-19), a better front tire,and softer compression and slower rebound on the forks. The bike isnt far off but could be better.

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