My01 yz426 (pics)

This is my 426 i picked up a couple weeks or so ago , just figured id throw up some pics so all the fellow tt'ers could ridicule and speculate.



Real nice

good lookin' bike:ride:

ha, didnt realize how crappy my front fender looks till i looked closer at the pics, little bit long in the back, sorta looks like a mullet i guess lol. Was gettin tired of the mx fender floppin around at anything above 55 mph. I guess a sawzall aint the best tool for trimming up a fender :smirk:. Still dont have a penny over 1500 invested in it so i cant complain. Looks like ill be investing in some new plastics next year. Heres a parts list if anyones interested, starting from the front

Dakar enduro kit with wr coil etc.

Acerbis front disk cover

Skid plate (not sure what kind)

ims 3.4 gal tank ( i think that's the brand, came with the bike)

Works conn. frame guards

Pro moto billet kick stand

42t rear sprocket

Trail tech endurance speedo (garbage imo)

Works conn. radiator guards ( also garbage imo) had to take them off to put the tank on anyway.

I think im gonna put a set of shinko 705's on it next summer.

The only problem i've had so far is trying to get all the right nuts and bolts on the bike and 1 fouled plug. ( not my fault.... let an old 2t rider try to start it at work and he fouled it up) I love getting on this bike every morning and riding to work, sure beats the gas mileage of my truck and it has about 10x the fun factor :ride::ride:

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