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Aright heres what i got at my disposal. and im looking for opinions. I have a 2004 yz250f decent condition , actualy just found it after it had been stolen about a year ago. (lucky me) well it wasnt taken very well care of and idk what problems there could be without taking apart the whole d*** thing so yeah..i have a guy wanting to trade with me for his 2001 or 2002 yz426f. Idk the condition et havent seen the bike but seems like the guy knows what he is doin and just wants something to putt around on and his 426f is to much for what he wants to do. Im very interested but dont know if i want to jump up to a 426f. I do have intentions of an eventual street motard but dont. I am looking into getting into some track riding but mainly as of now i do mostly trail and ...well just about everything...i believe my riding ability is able to handle the power but dont know if there good bikes or not because they are older as well as the 2nd born leading to the 450. Let me know what your opinion on this is and anything that you migt think would be helpful to me to make my decision. Again this would be a 100% even trade.

Thanks in advance for your info.

the 426 is a beast!! i had a yz426f and now a wr426f. i dont feel they are too much power. it has just enough for me. i would trade for it if its in good condition. these bike are only worth around 1500 bucks so keep that in mind. if you get it i would recommend changing the timing chain in the motor right away. if it streches it can cause the engine to jump time and the valves to hit the piston. it happened to me and ruined my yz426 motor so i got a wr426. the bikes are pretty reliable if mantained well. the timing chain should be replaced about every 50-60hrs of ride time to be safe. prettty expensive if it breaks though to fix. im thinking about buying another 426 for a back up parts bike since ive seen them as low as $1000 bucks around me. the 450 has more power but the 426 can keep up with a 450 pretty well. good luck

well you say it has just enough power.. but im a pretty small guy im 5'10 and like 150lbs ...whats ur size...i mean i can handle my 250 and throw it around very well but how much heavier feeling is the 426 compared to the 250f?

again thanks for the info

big guy 6' 3'' 230lbs. you may like your 250 better. did your 250 feel like it had more than enough power while you rode it?? does it lift the front wheel up for you in the first three gears with a twist of the throttle? my yz426 would lift the wheel up only in the first three gears for me. i now have a wr426f that only will lift the wheel up in first and second gear without using the clutch? im going to yz time the cams and see if that helps. im sure you could get used to the bike if you feel your ready for a step up. its going to feel heavier but honestly i couldnt tell you how much cause ive never had a 250f. i went from a 1998 xr100 to a 02 yz426f. i love the way these bike ride. you might feel safer on the 250f though cause of you size. what type of riding are you doing? racing or trails? i have yz426 suspension on my wr426 to stiffen it up some so i can play on the tracks but im no pro and never try anything real out of my leuge on it. i like climbing big hills on these things as well. feels like it could ride up a mountain. if your a trail rider you may like the extra power for climing hills /open stuff. if your a racer im not sure if you would feel right on the yz426 and get used to the weight at your size. for me the more power the better. good luck with your choice. you also could just bring your bike to a mechanic for a couple hundred dollars to tune it up if theres nothing real bad your 250f. sorry your bike got stollen i now that sucks. Those guys stealin other peoples stuff they worked hard for are the scumm of the earth!

I'm 5'8" and 65kg (143lb) and I have no problem with my WR426 (road or dirt). Sure it's a little taller than my XR250 was, but I still have no problem when I need to put my feet down. Weight wise, it'll feel heavier than a 250 when cornering because of the extra rotating mass in the engine, but you get that with any big thumper.

For trail riding I find my 426 easier to ride than my XR250, you can be a lot lazier with your gear changes and it'll lug up anything, I've yet to stall mine on a hill climb, if it starts chugging (if you got to this stage on my XR it was too late), open the throttle a bit more and you're off.

There is nothing wrong with the older generation YZ/WRs, Yamaha got it right from the word go. I've had less problems with mine than my XR gave me and I've probably put more miles on it. Also if you do ever get round to motarding it, it'll be a lot more road friendly than your YZ250F.

The only thing that it won't be quite as good for is really tight single track and hard racing, but for reasonably relaxed trail riding and street use, go for the 426 :smirk:.

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