Picking up my WR450 Tomorrow

Going to pickup my Canadian WR450 tomorrow. I currently have a 2000 YZ426 and do exclusive trail and woods riding. I love the RIP the YZ426 has how will the WR compare? Do I really need to spend $ on a better pipe??? If so what pipe should I get?

Any other recommendations????

Thanks in Advance!!


I picked up my WR450F a couple weeks ago. Already have 345 miles on it. I don't want to buy anything much extra and put more $ into it. I have only removed the baffle so far and probably won't do any more than the free mods.


WR450F-baffle removed

If you are planning riding in any woods in usa you will have to get a new pipe anyway.Canadian pipes are not us legal for spark,to bad cause they are a decent pipe for performance and noise(at least my 02 426 canadian was).I run a fmf Q with the power bomb and it is great,but i have not tried any other soooo!Good luck with the canuck version. :)

In Canada the bikes are a bit different when I was at the dealer today picking it up we talked about all this and he took it all apart and showed me, the grey wire is already disconnected, it comes stock with the YZ450 throttle stop, nothing in the breather box to take out. You are right about the exhaust, you cannot uncork it, it is a solid piece but not as plugged up at the USA bike.

What is the BK/GB mod??

Does anyone have a YZ450 exhaust that they want to sell? I am guessing someone put on a after market and is willing to part with it. The dealers says I could just bolt it on and away I go. Maybe some jetting changes. Anyone done this with a 03 YZ pipe on a WR?

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