Scott's Stabiliser Mounted under Handlebar

I have just raised my handlbars with 1 inch bar risers. Unfortunately this raises my Scott's Stabiliser mount too high to connect with the steering head mount.

Has anyone had any experience with mounting a stabiliser in the space beneath a raised handlebar and the fork clamp ?

Remove the risers and use higher bend bars like Windham bend for example.

Like this?



Thanks for the responses guys.

Yes, that is the kind of installation I am referring to.

I have the stock fork clamps at present so am looking at how I can use these before I proceed and fit a new clamp set up.

I will also look at the higher bend bar option as well.

Any other comments suggestions most welcome.

Just for general information, I have decided on BRP Racing Billet Products triple clamp and sub mount assembly. This allows for about a 1 inch bar rise and for the steering damper to be mounted under the bar.

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