Dual Sported '02 WR

Just got my 02 both dual sported and green stickered in California, yes it can be done.....and it was painless.

Congratulations! :) Its a pretty complicated issue as you must know. I just got my 2003 WR450F reg approved in Vermont. What Cal DMV office did you score in, and what was the clerks name???

Does your VIN number have a "3" or a "C" in the 8th position?

It was not complicated at all, the laws have changed and it is legal to DS an '02 and older bike reguardless of what it is. I went to Barstow and my brother went to Victorville and we both had no problems.

Blue Man i just ordered my dualsport kit and will be doing the same as you. Where do i start the process after the kit is installed? CHP, DMV? do you have a step by step guide :) thanks for any help you can provide


I have an 02WR also, yes with a ca. plate, all you need is a brake and lamp inspection, there are many places that do that, and a vin verification, I went to one of thoes independant registation offices, not dmv, they do everything there, it costs a little bit more but they do all the leg work for you and you don't have to go to the dmv. :)

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