wr 400 oil breather pipe leak

hi, could anyone tell me how i can re route my oil breather pipe so it does not leak oil onto my garage floor! it also looses a bit of oil so i would like to put it into an up right position to stop the oil from escaping can anyone help me on this one with pics as example or just an explanation to help.This would be greatly appreciated. Neil.

they do that....... I guess you could buy the fitting for a CRF and drill a hole to insert it into the air box boot.

sounds a good idea thanks for your advice much appreciated!

I put a piece of cardboard on the floor for my MXer. For my Supermoto where the rules state you must use a containment tank I used this......


ah thats how you do it! im a precision engineer so i think i will make a bottle like this one i now see how you route it through, did you use the standard breather pipe or a made up one? also the hole down the side is this for the pressure to come out? and finally how often do you have to empty the bottle?. neil.

The stock hose gets rerouted to the air box and the tank is from Advanced Performance Accessories. The hole you see is blind sided or not drilled threw. It should be drained after every time on the track or you can use their auto drain kit.


Put on a big bash plate and let the oil build up on top of it with all the dirt and stuff. Won't leave too much of an oil stain until you have about 2 pounds of oil and crap build up down there.

Seriously, park it on cardboard. Don't re-route via the airbox, it just makes it all gunky in there. It's usually only a drop or two.

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