re routing my oil breather pipe on a wr 400

hi, can anyone tell me where i can re route my breather pipe on my wr 400 it leaks drops of oil on my garage floor and is quite annoying also looses a bit of oil in the process so has anyone with any explanations or some pics to do this job?. Neil.

Mine leaks when riding but never when parked in garage. It is just a vent off the top of the valve cover. It can't leak when bike is not running. Your probably just getting left over oil from when your bike was running. Some guys have rerouted it into the air box. This would be very foolish based on the amount of oil I have seen coming out - a good way to muck up your air filter fast. Try wiping the end of the hose off when you park it. I ride with 4 other wr400s that are all the same.

yes it seems to be the case, i have had a pic sent to me on how to route it into the air box with a bottle on the end to stop the drips, the guy said that it works fine without much spillage just clean it every time you finish riding i may do this not too sure yet as everyone seems to have this with their wr 400s.

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