BAD stumble over sharp bumps

My 99 every since I bought it has had a problem of stumbling pretty bad when I hit several harsh bumps in a row. Today I went down a steep embankment to a river, I had to get back up again of course and the thing barely made it, sputtering and loading up so bad I thought it was going to quit in the middle of the climb. So... honestly I have posted this question in the past but without a resolution. I have adjusted the float but it´s been a long time since I did it and at this point I´m not even sure I did it correctly. But, is there ANYTHING else this could be except float misadjustment? I´m nearly positive my floats are indeed floating properly. Anyway, I¨m going to take the carb off soon... this really is a pain in the AYSE, any help grandiosly appreciated. Thanks yall.

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