maintenance -- do it

I'm fairly new around here and to dirt bikes...picked up my 08 450 used almost a year ago and immediately converted it for supermoto by slapping on some nice parts. I rode it quite a bit this year...had the valves checked and a new cam chain mid year. Was very impressed that the engine didn't have an issue with as many hard high-RPM miles I put on it at the big track (Portland International Raceway). :ride:

The supermoto/track riding season is pretty much over here, so I decided to tear the bike down to the frame for a serious cleaning. What I found was not pretty...steering stem bearings greasy, but rusty; swingarm bearings dry, collars worn; linkage bearings in various conditions from nicely greased to completely frozen with rust. The bearings on one side of the relay arm, dumped out on my bench after pulling out the collar...dry! :lol:

Looks like I'll be spending around $300 on new bearings, collars, and seals for everything. :smirk:

If that's all you have to spend after a year of riding the piss out of it, I'd say consider yourself lucky!

Can't argue with that, but in this case the expense wasn't necessary.

Anyway, if you saw the thread about my OEM exhaust exploding you'd know that I'll be spending a bit more money than this. :smirk:

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