weep hole

my 06 450f has a weep hole on the side cylinder. does this need any special attention when washing the bike, like plugging it so no water goes inside?

I keep it simple and just pop a q-tip in the hole before washing and try to avoid spraying directly at it...I don't think that is even really all that necessary as I always ride the bike for a few minutes right after washing anyway, to evaporate water that's hard to get to...

I cover mine with a little piece of duct tape, just in case...

Well it is there to drain water. I would like to think water going in there couldn't be so high pressured to hurt the metal casing of a spark plug or the weep hole's wall.

Well it is there to drain water.
It's actual purpose is to drain away oil that might come from a leaking cam cover gasket, or fuel "smooge" that would be forced past a leaking spark plug. Draining water is an entirely secondary function. I personally don't concern myself with whether water gets in it or not, but there's certainly no harm in plugging it while washing.

If you want to plug it, a golf tee works great. Personally, I don't bother to.

Thanks for the info guys!

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