Crank or no Crank

2006 YZ 450. 100 hours.

Bike runs good, has some piston slap noise. I am gonna rebuild top end but am uncertain on lower end.

What do you guys think?

Also, anybody run hotcams?

After you get the top end apart, mount a dial indicator on the engine, check rod side clearance less than 0.080 you are good. then check for up and down movement of the rod.. if everything is in spec, and you are not planning on splitting the cases, I say new piston/cylinder and ride the thing.

as for the hot cams, idk, I just bought a set of stage 2's for my BB supermoto:ride: Im putting the engine together right now. I'll have to get back at you on that one.


yea ive been running stage 1 HotCams all this season and absolutely love them, they really wake up the bottom and mid range just what the yz250f needs, i havn't paid for the gains with loss of power anywhere else either, by far my favorite engine mod on my bike.

i would recommend them to anybody.

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