drz engine rattle

my engine makes this rattle sound as I tilt the bike up off the kickstand then goes away soon as as I tilt it back.Here is a link to A video I took so you can hear it.

Anybody have any idea what it is? Edited by kmayer

do you have a stock cam chain tensioner? I would be pulling it down to find out what is loose in there. If it parts out in flight you are going to be out hundreds and walking home. Have you done the loctite fix yet?

I have read through all the threads on this subject but never really found an answer. I was hoping if people could actually hear what I am talking about I could get to the bottom of it.

Anybody else want to make an educated guess? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can't tell from the video if it relates to when there is weight on the kickstand. If you have the kickstand up and tilt the bike does it also make the noise?

I am baffled but curious if it could be a) the kickstand vibrating when no weight on it :smirk: something vibrating once the weight gets on the suspension rather than kickstand.

I suggest you take a screw driver, put it to your ear, and touch it to various parts of the motor to help pin point the area that the sound is coming from. Then we could probably better help you with your question..


Nothing to do with the kickstand. It comes on as soon as the bike tilts slightly to the right.

im no help, i have the same problem, all looks swell in the engine though.

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