yz 250f

I am just going by what motocross action stated. They did not say whether it was off of the crank or rear wheel. I am sure hoping it is off the rear wheel :) They also stated that it was almost if not as fast as the 250's on the track and posed the question, " Should it be legal in the 125 class".

Did anyone else get the newest issue of motocross mag. In there they state that the YZ250F has 37 HP and has a wieght of 239 lbs. I am guessing that is with all the fluids in it except maybe gas. What do you guys think? That has got to be with all the flids in it right? Currently the YZ 400F has what....43HP? That is only a 6 HP drop..wow that sounds like a lot of HP out of a 25o 4-stroke. Anyone know what a XR 250 puts out?

That has to be hp at the crank and not the rear wheel. I refuse to believe that the 250 has almost as much power as my 400. I think a current xr250 has hp #'s in the low 20's, but not certain. I hope it isn't anywhere near what a 400 is.

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