Traded my yz426 for a wr450...what now??

Evening thumpers, as the title states I just traded my 00 yz426 (pretty modified) for a bone stock 07 wr450. I think I did pretty darn well in that deal, gonna miss my xd 45 but I think the bike will make up for it. Anyway, what can I expect out of this bike? Best/ worst mods? As soon as I post this I'm going straight to the stickies. My big question is what of the street legal stuff can I ditch. Really only want to keep the lights for desert legality.

:ride::lol::smirk: All I can say is wow.... I've got an '01 426 to trade you if you have any remorse whatsoever...

Haha, not too likely...even all corked up this thing has potential. I cannot believe that A) the factory produced this bike with that terrible a throttle stop and :smirk: that the PO left it that way!!

I'll toss the first one out: AIS removal.

Yea I saw that on one of the stickies...I'm pretty sure the exhaust, the intake snorkels, the gray wire, and the AIS garbage is mandatory. Any other tips for a new WR guy? I'm In the process of ditching the lights and the speedo. May make quick disco's so I can slap them back on for the desert. Not sure yet...

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