fmf slip on ?

I recently purchased a used fmf factory 4.1 titanium exhaust which supposedly came off an 09 yz 450f to put on my 06 yz 450f. when i got it home, I tried to mount it and it wont work. The mounting bracket on the pipe will not line up with the subframe, its about 2 inches off. i was thinking about drilling out the rivets on the mount of the pipe and relocating the mount so it will mount into the subframe. My question is, since I dont know what bike this came off, is it safe to mount on mine if I get it to line up correctly. Since im going to relocate the mounting bracket, what should I do about the holes, welder (its the titanium one) or is there anything else out there. When i got it, there was no midpipe so I had to purchase a new one directly from fmf so Im ok there. dont know what to do, any help would be great. be careful what you by on the internet, I know I learned my lesson


Other than the bracket and midpipe,, most of the factory 4.1 silencers are the same, so you should be able to get away with moving the bracket as long as it isn't too tall or too short to line up. If the bracket is asymmetrical, see if spinning it around will work, if not then you will have to drill new holes and move it. You can just plug up the old holes with rivets if you want.

thanks alot for the relpy, wasnt sure if the fmf pipes are different from bike to bike. Im also going to bring it by a shop that has a new FMF factory 4.1 pipe just for comparison. just want to make sure that they are about the same length and want to see if there are any other differences. I did not even thin about riveting the holes if I drill it out and move the mounting bracket, rivets will deffinitly look better than some welds. Thanks again

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