I say No to No-toil

Well I gave no-toil a fair shake and am gonna go back to gas and belray foam filter oil. I was never satisfied by tackiness of the filter oil, it wouldn't stick like belray and just acted like motor oil on a filter. I'm sure it protects fine, but if you've ever used bel-ray that stuff is sticky and gets on everything. I'm picky and just never had the piece of mind like bel-ray. Never second guessed if something was gonna pass through. The rim grease would also dry out and clump. I have the new red grease, but it seemed to dry out on the rim and become crusty. It was easy to clean, but I'll keep my bucket of gas and surgical gloves to clean and oil. It's probably great stuff, but I'm overprotectant of my baby blue!

I agree 100%.

I tried it too for awhile and had the exact same results.

I wasnt pleased and I went back to Fab-1 by Maxxima. Check that stuff out! Its tacky! bounce.gif


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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