Handlebars and grips

Hey everyone I have a question for all riders of 6.0' tall and 200+ lbs. i am semi wide in shoulders and would like to know what bend type you are running for handlebars and are comfortable with... Also is anyone using oversized diameter grips? My hands are to big for the normal grips and i believe this is adding to hand fatique and arm pump.

You can custom expand a set of grips if they are a little too small. Start with a medium hard grip (Renthal has different soft to hard grips) Take one or two s-wraps of black cloth friction tape and put it under the grip. Soak the taped bar, and the inside of the grip in gasoline and slide it over. The grip will "glue" on when the gas evaporates and you have a larger grip.

ProGrip make a nice soft cushy oversize grip that was intended to be used for dual sport bikes. All of my friends use them.

I tried them once and they actually seemed to make my hands go numb :).

Anyways I went back to the small diameter grips but the larger ones might have the opposite effect for you.

6' 195lbs. wide top. Renthal CR-HI (722).

6-2......renthal yz85 bend

6' 225# running Pro Taper Woods Hi bend with the adapter clamps. The foamy grips may cause hand fatigue cause if you aren't used to them there is a tendance to 'death grip' them :)



I am using the protaper woods/mini bend, I bought the Spyder grips from BRP. I didn't know anything about them and they are pricy, but they are the best grips I have had. I rode in the ran for two days and they still kept their tackiness. :):D

6'2", 200 lbs; The best grips I've ever used are Oury "Pyramid" grips. I honestly don't know if they even make 'em anymore. Oury is still in business but this particular model I'm not sure about. I used to run them all the time in the late 80's & early 90's then they became almost impossible to find so when I did find them I would stock up. I haven't bought or even found them for many years now, luckily I still have some from my last mass-purchase. Anyway, the point is that I love these grips. They are small grips (diameter) but are very sticky. Even though I have realativly large hands they actually eliminate arm fatigue/pump because you don't have to hold on to them...they hold on to you. The palms of your gloves will actually become super tacky from using them. They do wear out faster than most of the grips out there but they're worth it if you can find them.


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