Cycra Handgaurds

Wanted to see if anyone had tried mounting cycra handgaurds on their 450? How difficult was the install and did you use the triple clamp mount? Any help is appreciated.


on my wr450 I put on

Moose Fat bars (cr low rise)

Universal adaptor

Cycra handguards - triple clamp mount.

1. you will need new triple clamp bolts

10 mm longer than stock to allow for the thickness

of the cycra adaptors

2. Clutch side

you will have to move the brake line/headlight

bracket to the inside and bend the retainer tab to clear

the new cycra bracket

3. Throttle side - good fit using new longer bolts

The light switch bracket does not fit well on the FAT bars, I will have to fix that.

overall it went together well with a minimum of grunt

Thanks for the info. Did Cycra supply the longer bolts?


Pep Boy 50 cents x 4

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